#2 - Setting Up Your Facebook Ads Dashboard [The Right Way]

Sunday 1st August 2021


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Setting Up Your Facebook Ads Dashboard [The Right Way]

You can't make informed decisions with your Ads when you can't see the full picture. And to see the full picture, you need to see the right data.

So before you start (or continue) running your Facebook Ads, it's crucial that your Facebook Ads Dashboard is setup correctly.

And that's exactly what I'm going to be sharing with you today!

There is a lot of data available inside the Facebook Ads Dashboard; a lot of it is just noise and you can safely ignore it. Some of the available data is just bad data and unrepresentative of what it says it is!

Our brains can only take in a certain amount of information at any one time, and we want to ensure the data we actually need to make decisions on is going in and anything outside of that is not even a consideration.

Inside of all Ads Dashboards (Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, BookBub Ads, etc.), you have columns of data. With Facebook Ads, they have a number of preset column layouts, but none of them are particularly useful when we're selling books.

I know column layouts may sound incredibly uninteresting, but without the right data in front of you, is like building a house in quicksand. You can't make informed decisions on your Ads using incomplete or inaccurate data.

So, here is the column layout I use and recommend you mirror in your Facebook Ads Dashboard:

  • - Delivery
    - Budget
    - Amount Spent
    - Reach
    - Impressions
    - Frequency
    - Unique Outbound Clicks
    - Unique Outbound CTR
    - Cost Per Unique Outbound Click
    - Link Clicks (for Dynamic Creative Ads Analysis*)
    - Cost Per Link Click (for Dynamic Creative Ads Analysis*)

* I'll be covering Dynamic Creative Ads in an upcoming issue of Author Ads Insider. So if you have your Columns ready before then, we can dive right in!

In this weeks video, I'm going to walk you through how to get all of these columns setup in your Facebook Ads Dashboard. Enjoy..

With your columns in place, you're now in a much stronger position to start (or continue) running Facebook Ads and know that you're looking at the right data to make informed, confident decisions from.

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Next week, I'm going to be diving into the structure of Facebook Ads, naming conventions and more, to help you keep your Facebook Ads Dashboard looking clean, simple, tidy and ultimately, effective.

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