#6 - Amazon Ads | Single Keyword and Single ASIN Campaigns

29th August 2021


I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and having a great weekend; here in the UK, we have a Bank Holiday tomorrow, so looking forward to spending time with the family 🙂 

Welcome to Issue #6 of Author Ads Insider! 

Today we are taking last weeks topic of Amazon Ads Account Structure to the next level, with...

Single Keyword Campaigns and Single ASIN Campaigns

Building on last weeks video, of moving proven (i.e. they sell books!) Keywords and ASINs from Research Campaigns to Scaling Campaigns, this week, we are taking proven Keywords and ASINs from the Scaling Campaigns into Single Keyword and Single ASIN Campaigns. 

These Campaigns do exactly what they say on the tin! Within them, they are targeting ONE Keyword or ONE ASIN. That's it! 

The reason being, that we can be much more aggressive with Bid Optimization and making use of Bid Placement Modifiers

Ad Account Management

Clearly, you don't want your Amazon Ads Account to be full of 100's of Single Keyword and Single ASIN Campaigns; that would be an absolute nightmare to manage! 

Instead, the Keywords and ASINs you move into their own Campaigns should be your absolute best performers. As a side note, Branded Keywords, such as your Author Name and Book Title, can work incredibly well in Single Keyword Campaigns - but make sure you test them first! 

I do recommend that you make use of Portfolios within your Amazon Ads Account (think of these as folders), as this will help you organise your Campaigns and keep your dashboard much tidier and more organised. 

For example, I like to have 2 Portfolios per book:


I add the Single Keyword and Single ASIN Campaigns to the Scaling Portfolio. However, depending on how many of these Campaigns you have you, you could create a specific Portfolio purely for the Single Keyword/ASIN Campaigns. 

When To Create Single Keyword/ASIN Campaigns

When deciding which Keywords and ASINs to move into their own Campaigns, I like to see at least 6+ sales and/or borrows on these targets when they are in the Scaling Campaign. 

If you're finding that you are getting a lot more than 6 sales/borrows on a Keyword or ASIN in the Scaling Campaign, and you don't want to (understandably) fill your Amazon Ads Account with 100's of Single Keyword/ASIN Campaigns, then raise that number from 6 to a number that works better for your specific requirements. 

Negative Targeting

As we did last week, when graduating Keywords and ASINs from a Research Campaign to a Scaling Campaign...

It's important that when you peel out a Keyword or ASIN from a Scaling Campaign into its own Single Keyword/ASIN Campaign, that you negative target it in the Scaling Campaign it came from. 

In today's video, I walk through all of this in much more detail and also go into the Amazon Ads Dashboard and show you how Single Keyword/ASIN Campaigns work out there in the Amazon jungle...

This is a pretty advanced strategy to take with your Amazon Ads, but the results can be amazing, so it's worth learning how to implement the Single Keyword/ASIN Campaigns, even if you're not quite ready for them just yet.

As always, if you have any questions about today's video, or need clarification on anything, please don't hesitate to hit reply on this email.

Next Sunday, we are diving back into Facebook Ads and looking at how to use Retargeting Audiences.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas for topics you'd like me to cover in Author Ads Insider, I am always open to ideas! It's important to me that I make the content that is going to benefit you the most.

Until next Sunday then, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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