#7 - Facebook Ads Retargeting Audiences
5th September 2021


It's Sunday once again and welcome back to another issue of Author Ads Insider. 

This week, we are looking at Facebook Ads Retargeting Audiences, which are an amazing way to show specific Ads to readers who are already familiar with your Author Brand, your books, your series, etc. 

Or, to put it another way, they have, in one way or another, engaged with your brand in the past.

Your Retargeting Audiences are, what is known in the marketing world as Warm Audiences. Whereas, when you are targeting people with your Facebook Ads who have never heard of you, these are known as Cold Audiences

There are 3 core ways that we can Retarget readers with Facebook Ads...

Option 1: People who have engaged with your Facebook Page, Facebook Posts or Facebook Ads

These can be people who follow or like your Facebook Author Page, people who have likedcommented or shared a Facebook Post, or anyone who has likedcommentedshared or clicked on a Facebook Ad. 

You can segment this audience down even further by, for example, only showing specific Ads to people who follow your Facebook Page. 

However, I prefer to leave things more open than that to create the biggest possible audience, as Facebook prefers bigger audiences, which is why I set the Retargeting Audience to anyone who has engaged with the Facebook Page, Posts or Ads.

Option 2: People on your Mailing List

If you have a Mailing List of reader's email addresses who have signed up to your newsletter, or perhaps joined your email list to download a reader magnet, such as a free story, for example, you can upload your email list directly into your Facebook Ads Account as a CSV file.

Facebook will then match the email addresses in your Mailing List to email addresses people used to sign up to Facebook (i.e. the email address associated with their personal Facebook profile). 

You can then show very specific Ads to people just on your Mailing List (providing they have a Facebook Account/Profile)

Option 3: People who have taken specific actions on your website (only possible if you are selling your books directly to readers through your website)

If you are selling your books directly on your own website through Facebook Ads (i.e. not sending people from Facebook Ads to Amazon), then you can get a lot more creative with your Retargeting Audiences,.

This is possible because you will need to have something known as the Facebook Pixel installed on your website which is a piece of code that records how individual people interact on your website and reports this information back to Facebook. 

You can then retarget people based on the behaviour they take on your website, such as:

- Adding a product to their Shopping Cart
- Starting the Checkout process (but not completing it)
- Viewing a specific book on your website
- Completing the Checkout process and making a purchase

However, as most authors currently sell their books through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers, we will focus on Options 1 and 2 for now. Selling directly is something for another time...

When To Use Retargeting Audiences

There are 3 main scenarios when I use Retargeting Audiences:

- Launches
- Promos
- Evergreen Ads (i.e. backlist)

With launches, I show Ads for the new book (whether that's a new book in a series or a new standalone book) to Retargeting Audiences. These folks are already familiar with your work and so, they are very likely to want to pick up a copy of your new book.

When running a promo or a Kindle Countdown Deal, there could be some people in your Retargeting Audiences who have just picked up one of your books so far, and if you are running a promo on other books in your series or backlist, these Retargeting Audiences are likely to pick up a copy of a book or books they haven't yet purchased, for the limited time, discounted price. 

Evergreen Ads
When advertising Book 1 of a series, which does make sense for a lot of authors, if a series needs to be read in order, then you can run ads to a Retargeting Audience for later books in the same series, or to Book 1 of another series. 

If you write Standalone books or a series that doesn't need to be read in order, then you can run Ads to Retargeting Audiences for other books in your Catalogue. 

So many options...

Without further ado then, let's dive into today's video, where I walk you through how to create your Retargeting Audiences and how to target these audiences in your Facebook Ads Campaigns...

As always, if you have any questions about today's video, or need clarification on anything I've covered, please don't hesitate to hit reply on this email 🙂

Next Sunday, we are sticking with Facebook Ads, but looking at Excluding certain audiences; a critical step to take to ensure you are reaching cold audiences with your Facebook Ads.

I'm always open to ideas for topics you'd like me to cover in Author Ads Insider, so if you are having any challenges with your Ads, please let me know and I can cover them in future issues.

Until next week then, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

To Your Success