Amazon Ads Management

Maximize Your Book Sales With Amazon Ads.

I help authors spending over $1,500/month on Amazon Ads to optimize and scale their advertising, reach more readers and sell more books.

Amazon Ads Management

Maximize Your Book Sales With Amazon Ads.

I help authors spending over $1,000/month on Amazon Ads to optimize and scale their advertising, reach more readers and sell more books.


Take Full Advantage of Amazon Ads

I get it... writing books takes a lot of work and it requires a very different type of hat to the one you wear when you are planning, building and managing Ads. Perhaps you've spent money on Ads, but just not seeing the results you hoped for.

As an author, you wear a lot of hats and if Amazon Ads just isn't something you have the capacity or desire to learn, but you understand the importance it has in your author business, then you're in the right place; I can run them for you...

Here's a taste of what you can expect when we work together on your Amazon Ads:

  • A bespoke Amazon Ads Strategy designed around your books and your goals
  • An initial audit and ongoing optimization of your existing Amazon Ads campaigns
  • A detailed monthly report charting key performance metrics, as well as details of what tasks have been accomplished over the past month, key learnings and plans for the following month
  • Monthly catch-up call to discuss performance, ideas, strategies, as well as future plans and goals
  • Ongoing Campaign Monitoring and Optimization to ensure wasted Ad Spend is trimmed and we are focusing on the best performing aspects of your account
  • Daily check-ins on your Ads to review performance and overall account health
  • Regular communication to keep you in the loop on your Amazon Ads performance


Timeline Expectations

Amazon Ads is not something that happens overnight; it takes time to gather data, optimize your Ads based on that data and gradually start to scale your account up to maximize results and sales. Here's how my process typically works...

Weeks 1-4

  • Initial account audit performed
  • Onboarding call with you to discuss your account in more detail, as well as our goals and strategy for the next 3 months.
  • Optimize existing Campaigns
  • Organize account structure
  • Address gaps and opportunities in your Amazon Ads Account
  • Create new Campaigns based on missed opportunities

* During the initial 1-3 month research phase, we may experience highs & lows in performance.

Weeks 4-8

  • Careful monitoring of adjustments
  • Optimize bids, keywords & ASINs, budgets and negative targeting
  • Ongoing Keyword Research
  • Ongoing ASIN Research
  • Scaling best performing Campaigns, Keywords and ASINs
  • Review relevant Amazon Ads Reports and optimize accordingly

Weeks 8-12 (And Beyond)

  • Completion of research phase
  • Review month-to-month numbers and adjust strategy accordingly
  • Continue Keyword and ASIN testing
  • Ongoing optimization of Account
  • Ongoing scaling of profitable Keywords and ASINs
  • Weekly and monthly reviews of Amazon Ads Reports


Your Investment

Simple Pricing

$250USD* / Per Month

+ % of Amazon Ads Sales & KENP Royalties (if applicable)

*VAT applies to UK based authors 

From a financial and investment perspective, I work on a Performance Basis; this way I have some skin in the game and am incentivised to deliver the best possible service to you. I only earn money, when you earn money. 

Are You A Good Fit For Amazon Ads Management?

  • You have at least 2-3 books published on Amazon
  • Your books are well established on Amazon and ideally ranked below 50,000 on and/or
  • Each of your books have at least 50+ Amazon reviews/ratings
  • 1 or more books are planned for release over the next 12 months
  • You are open to receiving feedback on how to improve your books and therefore the performance of your Ads
  • You understand that this is a partnership and we must work together to achieve the best possible results
  • You are willing to invest in your Author Career
  • After an initial trial period (2-3 months) you have the resources to spend at least $1,500 per month on Amazon Ads

IMPORTANT: Currently, it is NOT possible to advertise books with Amazon Ads in the Alpha Romance genre. If your book(s) refer to Alpha Romance in the Title/Subtitle, Book Cover or Description, unfortunately, Amazon will not allow you to advertise these.


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