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The 7 Day Authors Guide to Book Advertising

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What's Included?

Your One-Page Strategy

The entire concept of this book was born around the One-Page Advertising and Marketing Strategy I personally use. And now, it's all yours! 

This strategy will provide you with the clarity and direction you need to take your career to the next level and achieve your goals and aspirations as an author. 

7 days from now, you could have your One-Page Strategy completed and you can hit the ground running as you shift things up a notch with your writing, marketing and advertising. 

Ads Tracking Spreadsheet

Whether your books are exclusive to Amazon or Wide (i.e. Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, etc.), I have an Ads Tracking Spreadsheet just for you. And depending on your schedule and time commitments, I have created options for you for daily or weekly tracking.

There is also a simplified version of the weekly and daily tracking spreadsheets, which requires less information to be entered, but still gives you the fundamental date you need to make confident marketing and advertising decisions

  • Amazon Exclusive and Wide (Weekly Tracking)
  • Amazon Exclusive and Wide (Daily Tracking)
  • Amazon Exclusive and Wide (Weekly Tracking - Simplified)
  • Amazon Exclusive and Wide (Daily Tracking - Simplified

Ads Audience Tracking and Targeting Spreadsheet

For each of the ad platforms we covered in the book, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads and BookBub Ads, I have provided you with the exact tracking spreadsheets I use when running my own ads. 

As well as adding details about the audiences and targeting you're testing, these spreadsheets also allow you to track essential data such as CPC's, CTR's and sales.