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Episode 10: My Post Book Launch Ads Strategy AND Book Launch Results [CASE STUDY]

What You'll learn

  • The 2 options you have with Ads after a launch or promo
  • My preferred post-launch Ads Strategy for Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads
  • Results from my latest book launch (sales, page reads, ad spend, royalties, etc.)
  • Top Tips for riding the wave of a high ranking on Amazon after a successful launch
  • And so much more...


You’ve just come off the back of a book launch or big promotion and spent a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. You’ve now got a decision to make…

Do you turn off all the Ads and coast with the sales and Page Reads that come along with a successful book launch due to the high ranking in the Amazon stores? Or do you continue running Ads, albeit at a lower daily budget? 

In today's episode, that's exactly what we're discussing! And I'll share my Post-Launch Ads Strategy with you for both Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads. 



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