Author Ads Academy

Episode 14: How I’d spend $10 per day on Amazon Ads

What You'll learn

  • How to keep things simple with your Amazon Ads
  • 2 options for your Amazon Ads Campaigns when spending $10 per day
  • How to generate more visibility, brand awareness and exposure for your books with Amazon Ads
  • The importance of audience research - and how to do it
  • How to bid on your Amazon Ads targets
  • And much more besides...


Spending $10 per day on Amazon Ads can be difficult; but not because of the reasons you might think! It's because spending any substantial amount of money on Amazon can be difficult - you really have to persuade them to take your money! 

But today, if you have $10 per day to spend on Amazon Ads, I'm going to share with you how I would setup my Campaigns and Account structure, along with some tips on bidding and audience research for your Amazon Ads. 

So if that sounds interesting and just what you need to know right now, be sure to tune in...



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