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Episode 24: How To Manage Your Cash Flow When Advertising 

What You'll learn

  • Understanding when your Royalties are paid and when you pay for your Ads
  • Sustaining Ad Spend for several months at a time
  • A warning about Credit Cards
  • The importance of setting a monthly budget - and sticking to it!
  • What to do if you have limited funds to invest in advertising
  • A personal story about why having cash in reserve is so important
  • And much more besides...


Cash Flow is so important to manage because if you don’t manage it sensibly, things can soon spiral out of control and have an impact not just on your business, but on your personal life as well. 

So in today's episode, I'm sharing my thoughts and top tips for managing your Cash Flow when you are advertising. 

With the delay between your Ad Spend going out and your Royalties coming in, you need some sort of a plan (and some cash in reserve) to sustain 2, sometimes 3 months of Cash Flow. And that's what I'm going to be discussing in today's episode... 



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