Author Ads Academy

Episode 39: Amazon Ads Negative Targeting

What You'll learn

  • What negative targeting is
  • A brief case study of what happens when you don't use negative targeting
  • The thresholds I use when negative targeting
  • How often to perform negative targeting in your account
  • A controversial way of using negative targeting
  • My (less-controversial) approach to negative targeting
  • And so much more...


Amazon Ads can waste a lot of money on irrelevant keywords and ASINs, that, if not dealt with, can stack up to a staggering amount of ad spend on targets that generate zero sales and zero page reads.

Not a good situation to find yourself in.

Naturally, there is going to be some wasted Ad Spend as you put the feelers out there and find out what will and won't work for your books, but within a few weeks, you should have collected some good data and you will be able to figure out where you can 'trim the fat' and stop spending money on things that aren't working.

You do this with negative targeting – and that's exactly what I'm diving into in today's episode...



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