Author Ads Academy

Episode 44: Why You Should Segment Branded Keywords With Your Amazon Ads

What You'll learn

  • What branded keywords actually are
  • The importance of protecting your Author brand on Amazon
  • Why branded keywords and ASINs can restrict your Automatic and Category Targeting Campaigns
  • How to run specific branded keyword and ASIN Campaigns – and why you should
  • And so much more...


If you've ever looked at your Amazon Ads Search Term Reports, you'll undoubtedly have noticed that, after some time, you will be getting a lot of clicks on branded search terms, with many variations of:

  • Your Author Name
  • Your Book Titles
  • Your Series Titles

Even if you didn't do this intentionally, Automatic Targeting Campaigns often default to targeting these search terms because they offer relatively cheap clicks in most instances and often convert very well, because readers are coming to Amazon to specifically look for your books.

Yes, you should be protecting your Author Brand, without a doubt, but there is a downside to branded keywords, in that it can substantially restrict how many new readers Amazon Ads can bring into your world.

On today's episode, I'm diving into how and when to use Branded Keywords with your Amazon Ads...



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