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You're an author. You love words, not numbers. And yet, you understand that in order to build a successful author career, you need to do some form of marketing and/or advertising.

But the words 'paid advertising' bring you out in a cold sweat. Fear not...

In Jumpstart Author Ads, a free 3-part video training, I walk you through how to setup and launch profitable ads on the BIG 3 advertising platforms for authors, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads and BookBub Ads, that bring you new readers every single day.  

By the end of this free training, you can have readers clambering over your books ready to buy (and read). 

Launch Your First Profitable Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads and BookBub Ads

Here's What You'll Learn Inside

Jumpstart Author Ads

Video 1: Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be notoriously overwhelming, but in Video 1, I'll show you around the Facebook Ads Manager so that you become familiar with it. 

We'll also go through the fundamentals of Facebook Ads, setup your Facebook Ad together, including writing the copy and creating your ad images, as well as look at how to optimize your ads. 

Video 2: Amazon Ads

On Day 2, it's time for Amazon Ads; one of the best platforms for selling full price books and generating Kindle Unlimited Page Reads.

In today's video, I'll give you a tour of the Amazon Ads Dashboard, show you the different types of ads and together, we'll build and launch your first Amazon Ad, as well as look at how to optimize them. 

Video 3: BookBub Ads

For the final day of Jumpstart Author Ads, we're going to be diving into BookBub Ads, which are incredible when you are running launches or promos on your books. 

I'll show you round the BookBub Ads Dashboard, as well as building and launching your first BookBub Ads. I'll also share with you my strategy for testing BookBub Ads for maximum impact and ultimately, sales.

You'll Also Receive...

3 Free Bonus Resources

Ads Tracking Spreadsheet (Wide and Exclusive)

Without tracking the performance of your ads, you're flying blind. This is why I'm giving you access to the Ads Tracking Spreadsheet I built and use every single day. 

Whether your books are available on multiple retailers, or exclusively on Amazon, I've built a tracking spreadsheet for you.

Audience Tracking and Targeting Spreadsheet

Keeping tabs on which audiences you're targeting with your ads are working and which aren't is another critical thing to track.

With my Audience Tracking and Targeting Spreadsheet, you can do just that, as well as note down  audience target ideas for testing in the future. 

Your One-Page Advertising Strategy Template

Building a strategy for your author career is key aspect of being successful; without a strategy, you have no way of knowing if you're heading in the right direction. 

Building a strategy doesn't have to be complicated, which is why I'm sharing my One-Page Advertising Strategy with you.

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