Kindle Countdown Case Study: Day 2

Day 2 Stats 

Book #1 Sales: 107
Book #2 Sales:
Book #3 Sales:
Paperback Sales: 2

Total Sales:

Page Reads:

Rank USA:
Rank UK:


Facebook Ad Spend:
BookBub Ad Spend:
£14.00 (approx)
Amazon Ads Spend:
£3.00 (approx)
Promo Sites Spend:

Total Ad Spend: £79.00 (approx)

Profit: £39.00 (approx)

Gradual Build To A Big Push

I was pleased with sales on Day 2 and it’s definitely going in the right direction. When doing promos, particularly KCD’s on Amazon, it’s important that you don’t have 1 day spikes, as this tells the Amazon Algorithm that your book might be a flash in the pan!

Instead, you want to gradually build up sales and borrows and the Algorithm will show you some love by increasing the visibility of your book(s).

I’m aiming to build up for a big push on the final 2 days of the KCD by gradually increasing the Ad Spend, mainly on Facebook initially, but once I find some strong audiences and creative on BookBub, I’ll crank the spend up there too.

I’ve also booked in 8 Promo Sites for the final 2 days of the promotion to help give Book 1 a final push to finish the KCD with Book 1 at the highest rank possible; I’m aiming for the top 2,000 of the US Kindle Store, and top 1,000 of the UK Kindle Store.

This way, with all the borrows that have taken place over the week and the organic visibility the books have had, the big profit will come in the following 1-2 weeks after the KCD has ended, possibly even longer as Book 2 is a 130,000 word novel!

I’m also hoping that Book 1 will bed in the rankings a little higher than it was before the KCD, which was an average of around 5,000 - 8,000 in the US Store and around 7,000 - 10,000 in the UK Store.

Series Page Update

We heard back from Amazon yesterday about the series page and they’ve said that the companion novel that I moved into the Main Content of the series is in fact marked as ‘Related Content’ and that’s why it hasn’t appeared on the Series Page.

So we’ve gone back to them with a screenshot of our Series Page Dashboard showing that this book is in fact part of the main series and is marked as such.

So we will see…

If it can be moved for the final 2 days of the KCD I’ll be chuffed! If not, I’ll just put it down to a learning experience and for future promos and launches, I’ll make sure the Series Page is 100% ready beforehand. 

Facebook Ads

At the end of Day 2, after the Facebook Ads had generated some more data, I went in and turned off ads that hadn’t had any clicks, some hadn’t even had any impressions.

From all the campaigns I had running I could see that there was 1 creative (ad image) that was performing the best out of the 5 images that I initially tested. Here is the current champion:

So I created some new ads using this winning creative, but changed the ad copy to test some alternatives to see if I can find a winner here.

I usually don’t like adjusting Facebook Ads on a daily basis like this, because of the learning phase that Facebook Ads have to go through to optimise and stabilise and perform at their peak.

But with the limited time for this promo, I need to move quickly and I could see which ads were working and which weren’t, so I had to make a decision about which ads to stop, which to scale and what to test next.

I also increased the budget of all the campaigns by around 30% each, just to gradually keep feeding Amazon with more traffic to the book pages.

Using the Amazon Associates links, I can see that the Facebook Ads sold:

USA Book Sales
Book 1: 37
Book 2: 20
Book 3: 2

UK Book Sales
Book 1: 24
Book 2: 4
Book 3: 0

Of course, the Amazon Associates links aren’t 100% accurate in terms of sales, but they do show which ads and audiences are working.

Book 3/Companion Novel isn’t doing great, but that’s ok as it’s not essential to the series, it just allows the readers to experience Book 2 from a different character’s perspective. Even before the promo, this companion novel hasn’t performed particularly well, so we may consider removing it from the series in the future and make it a reader magnet instead that readers can sign up for...we shall see.

What I’m thinking for the UK is I’ll set up some ads tomorrow that send people directly to the series page, rather than Book 1 and see if that can help improve sales of Book 2. I’ll keep the ads running to Book 1 as they are performing; I just want to test how the series page performs in the UK. 

Amazon Ads

As expected, the Amazon Ads have been slow to take off; in USA, even with a budget of $31 over 4 campaigns, combined, the total spend was a grand total of $2.70!

So I’ve increased the bids on all the targets and increased the budgets of each campaign too just to see if I can get the algorithm to take notice.

And in the UK, even with a total budget of £15 spread over 3 campaigns, it only managed to spend a total of £0.86! So again, I’ve increased the bids on all targets and upped the budgets a touch too.

I’m not expecting too much from the Amazon Ads at this moment, but if they can get rolling in time for the final 2 days, that would be great, and I’ll keep them running after the promo ends to see if we can get some more traction with them when the books are back to full price. 

BookBub Ads

The 3 tests I did for BookBub Ads today haven’t performed well at all! CTR’s between 0.39% and 1.3%, so I’ve marked those audiences as a no-go for now.

The quirk about BookBub Ads is that audiences that haven’t worked in the past can sometimes work for you in the future, which is why it’s always worth testing failed audiences from the past, providing budget and timescales allow for this.

So I’ve set up 3 new ads for tomorrow with 3 new audiences to test. And I’ve done something I wouldn’t normally do, which is test 3 different creatives on the same day! Time is pressing on and out of the 6 audiences I’ve tested so far, only 1 has proved that it could be fruitful, but even that one isn’t anything special.

Each of the creatives are very different in design, so we’ll see which one of these creatives performs the best and see if can find a winner here to try with different audiences on Day 4. 

Plan For Day 3

As I mentioned above, what I’m most keen to try tomorrow is running Facebook Ads to the UK series page and see how well that performs, as Book 2 sales are lower than I’d like them to be.

I’m also considering setting up an Amazon Lockscreen Ad for Book 1. I know these ads are like Marmite - some people love them, some people hate them! But I’m interested to see how they perform during a KCD promo at $0.99.

I’ll set it up to run for a month with a $100 total campaign budget and we’ll see how it does. It could be a total flop, potentially, but we won’t find out unless we test.

I’ll also turn up the budgets on the Facebook Ads that are performing well again and keep that gradual build up going for the big push on the final 2 days.

So that wraps up the summary of Day 2.

And I’ll be back tomorrow to update you on how Day 3 performed.