Kindle Countdown Case Study: Day 5

Day 5 Stats 

Book #1 Sales: 100
Book #2 Sales:
Book #3 Sales:
Paperback Sales:

Total Sales:

Page Reads:

Rank USA:
Rank UK:


Facebook Ad Spend:
BookBub Ad Spend:
Amazon Ads Spend:
Promo Sites Spend:

Total Ad Spend:
£118.00 (approx)

Profit: £42.00 (approx)

Sales Drop

The sales have dropped a bit today; we did 236 sales on Day 4 and only 180 today, despite the Facebook Ad spend increasing, even if it was by just £7.

And for some reason, Facebook didn’t spend the full amount of allocated budget; we allocated a total of £110 to be spent on Facebook Ads today, but only around £95 was actually spent.

This scenario can indicate that Facebook have put a daily spending limit on your account. This has happened to us before where they put a daily spend limit of £38.54 - an odd amount, I know! But no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t spend more than that amount per day.

We tried for 2-3 months to get the daily spend limit increased, which it did eventually; just frustrating that it took so long for them to do it.

Anyway, I went off on a bit of a tangent there! Where was I…

Ah yes, sales drop…

That is the nature of the beast when it comes to advertising and promotions and launches in general.

Volatility is inevitable.

That doesn't make it any more enjoyable when it does happen though!

And defining the reason for the sales drop can certainly be problematic; which is why tracking your data, particularly during launches and promos, is so vital, as the answer, or something resembling an answer, could be there, in the data.

Looking at the data for today, there were obviously less sales today, but there were also less page reads, not much difference in the page reads, but a little.

We also didn’t have a promo today, so that could have impacted the results. We spent a little more on the ads, but that increase in spend wasn’t translated into sales and royalties.

Our ABSR (Amazon Bestseller Rank) for Book 1 in the UK remained strong, staying in the top 1000, but sales were slightly different in the UK: 38 today, 52 yesterday.

Sometimes, it can be something as simple as the day of the week or the time of the year that can affect sales. Other times, it could be an issue with Amazon or one of the ad platforms that is outside of your control.

Or, it could just be a natural variation in who happens to be browsing Facebook at any one time, who is looking at their BookBub emails, or who is browsing Amazon for their next book.

Peak and troughs in sales and royalties happen to every author, whether you’re Stephen King, or a first time author. 

Facebook Ads

With the final day of the promo just around the corner, as I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to create some ads with scarcity in the creative and the copy, using words to the effect of ‘Ends Today’.

So today, I did just that…

I created several new Facebook Ads using the words ‘Ends Today’ that were bold and upfront in the ad creative and also updated the ad copy. I’ve scheduled these ads to start on the final day of the promo; here's a preview of the ad creative:

The reason I’ve made these new ads now is that I wanted to allow time to get them reviewed and approved. If I’d waited until the final day to make these new ads, there was a chance that they wouldn’t be approved in time and would never run!

Sometimes, your Facebook Ads can be approved within 10 minutes. Other times, it can take 24 hours or so, and anything in between!

As I mentioned earlier, I also increased the budgets of all the Facebook Ads Campaigns today, but Facebook didn’t spend my entire budget. Hopefully we can avoid that situation tomorrow on the final day and Facebook will allow me to give them more money!

I went through and optimised the ads by removing the ads with high CPC’s and low CTR’s. I haven’t tested any more audiences as I’m happy that the ones I have are performing well.

The more audiences you want to run on Facebook, the more budget you need. And with what looks to be another Daily Spend Limit put on our Facebook Ads Account, I don’t want to upset the campaigns that are running well by adding more budget to the account as a whole.
The Series pages in the UK from the Facebook Ads are performing exceptionally well; much better than sending people directly to just Book 1 on Amazon.

Surprisingly, the series page in the USA isn’t doing as well, and sending people to Book 1’s product page on Amazon is doing the brunt of the leg work.

Here are the sales that the Facebook Ads generated, that I’ve gathered from my Amazon Associates dashboard:

USA Book Sales
Book 1: 36
Book 2: 17
Book 3: 1

UK Book Sales
Book 1: 20
Book 2: 28
Book 3: 0

Interesting that Book 2 sold more in the UK than Book 1! But hey, maybe that’s because of the retargeting and people who have already bought Book 1 are now ready for Book 2 and took advantage of the £0.99 deal, reduced from the standard price of £3.99

BookBub Ads

Similar to what I’ve done with the Facebook Ads, with BookBub, I’ve created and scheduled some new ads for tomorrow, with ad creative that includes the wording ‘Ends Tomorrow’ to add some scarcity and hopefully improve CTR and conversion.

The 4 new audiences I tested today with the creative that performed really well on Day 3 hasn’t worked well at all today. This is most likely down to poor-performing audiences, rather than the creative, but only testing will determine this.

For this promo, however, I’ve got more audiences I want to test, so I’m going to run the creative mentioned above with the scarcity factor, to these new audiences and see if I can find any winners for the final push.

Amazon Ads

No changes to the Amazon Ads today; just leaving them be and letting them roll.

One of the ads generated 1 sale and 485 page reads today, so whilst not great, it’s good to know that they are starting to kick in, albeit extremely slowly!

Plan For Tomorrow, Day 6

Overall, despite the lower sales, I’m pretty pleased with today's results. I would have liked to have had higher sales than we did yesterday, to create a gradual increase towards the final 2 days.

No matter what you do, however, it’s very difficult to create a perfect gradual increase in sales and borrows. That’s just the nature of the beast!

Tomorrow, there’s not too much to do really, apart from check the Facebook Ads, optimise, increase budgets (if Facebook will allow me to!) and touch base with the promo sites to make sure everything is in place.

So, that’s it for another days summary. I’ll be back with you tomorrow to share with you the results of Day 6 and the plan for the final day of the promo.