Kindle Countdown Case Study: Day 7

Day 7 Stats 

Book #1 Sales: 235
Book #2 Sales:
Book #3 Sales:
Paperback Sales:

Total Sales:

Page Reads:

Rank USA:
Rank UK:

Royalties: £257.93

Facebook Ad Spend:
BookBub Ad Spend:
£50.00 (approx)
Amazon Ads Spend:
£1.50 (approx)
Promo Sites Spend:

Total Ad Spend: £330.00 (approx)

Profit: -£73.00 (approx)

Another Loss?

Yep, we had another loss overall today in terms of the finances, but the gains have been fantastic! We broke the Top 1000 in both the UK and USA stores. Also, over the past week, we should have built up some strong relevance with our books to help the Amazon recommendation engine do it’s thing and help us to sell more books going forward, even after the KCD promo has come to an end. 

Facebook Ads

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t increase the budgets of the current Facebook Ads Campaigns, as I had scheduled new campaigns to kick in today with new creative highlighting the fact that this sale ends today.

I could have added new ads into the existing ad sets, but that would have reset the learning phase of those ad sets, and as they have been performing well over the past few days, I really didn’t want to upset the apple cart.

So it did make my Facebook Ads Dashboard a bit messy and cluttered with around 12 active campaigns in there, but it was only like that for the day, so I could live with it! I’m a little bit OCD, so I usually like things to be highly structured and ordered, but I could let it slide for 24 hours!

First thing in the morning I went through the existing campaigns and turned off the high CPC and low CTR ads and ad sets, so that the CBO algorithm can push what’s working and completely forget about the things that aren’t.

We spent the most on Facebook Ads today and they have been the biggest driver of advertising sales all week, so really wanted to push things here and ended up spending just shy of £200 today.

And although we didn’t make any profit today with the other ad costs involved, on Facebook in particular, with all the ads we’ve ran over the past week, the clicks, shares, comments and reactions, we have massively increased the data that Facebook knows about the type of people who are likely to purchase our books.

We can also re-target the in the future and Facebook can use the data they know about each of these people to improve the quality of the Lookalike Audiences we use going forward for evergreen ads, launch ads and other promo ads.

So it has certainly been money well spent. 

BookBub Ads

As I touched on at the end of yesterday's post, I created some new BookBub Ads creative with ‘Ends Today’ copy to enhance the scarcity of this promo and hopefully improve the CTR. Here is the winning ad creative:

It worked! We had the best CTR’s we’ve had all week!

The 3 author comps that performed well yesterday performed even better today. And using these same author comps in the UK produced fantastic CTR’s too. 

The CTR’s in the USA ranged from: 3.04% - 3.81%

The CTR’s in the UK ranged from: 2.59% - 4.88%

The BookBub Ads generated 202 clicks in total between the 2 Amazon stores, with an average CPC of £0.27 ($0.36), so I’m chuffed with that. Yes, BookBub Ads CPC’s are higher than Facebook’s, but conversion is better, so I’m happy to pay the higher costs. 

The ‘Ends Tomorrow’ and ‘Ends Today’ BookBub Ads have been the best performers of the week, so for the launch of Book 3, (where I’ll be advertising Book 1) I will be putting more money behind the ‘Ends Tomorrow’ ads in particular, as I only put around £15 into those this time around. 

Amazon Ads

These didn’t do great yesterday; they only generated 7 clicks, but we did get 1 sale out of that, so that’s a good conversion rate for Amazon Ads 1:7. On average, I aim for 1 sale for every 10-12 clicks, so 1 in 7 is great! 

I’m going to leave the USA Amazon Ads running after the KCD promo has finished so that I can build up some more data going forward and see if I can get them converting better than they have been this week. 

I haven’t done much tweaking and optimisation on the Amazon Ads this week compared to the Facebook Ads and BookBub Ads, but Amazon Ads is a much slower platform, and typically, I don’t like coming in more than once a week to make adjustments, particularly when data can take 1-2 days to populate and finalise in the Amazon Ads Dashboard. 

Wrapping Up This Kindle Countdown Deal

Overall, this has been a successful promotion for us. The profit wasn’t there, but then that was not the objective for this promo; the objective was to boost the visibility of Books 1 and 2 in the series, bring new readers into the series in preparation for the launch of Book 3 and ultimately, gather as much data as possible that we can use going forward.

Key Statistics

Overall Sales: 1,546
Overall Page Reads: 97,911
Ad Spend: £1083.00 (approx)
Royalties: £1250.00 (approx)

Overall Profit: £167 (approx)

Here are a few screenshots from the KDP Dashboard

We also managed to hit a few Number 1 slots in several categories, which rewarded us with that lovely orange Bestseller flag! As well as a few times where we were in the Top 5 of certain categories.

Key Takeaways

Get the Amazon Series Page ready way before the KCD Promo starts! Even today, on Day 7, the companion novel to Book 2 still isn’t on the series page!

Start the Amazon Ads 2-3 weeks before the KCD Promo begins to allow time for the algorithm to learn and for me to optimise and tweak the targeting, bids, etc.

Make more use of email list and social media; we didn’t touch the email list this week, as I wanted to see the impact of advertising alone can do for a KCD. We also didn’t touch social media, apart from one post on the final day to our Facebook page.

Whilst I don’t think the social media would have had much of an impact, the email list could have been beneficial and sold a few more copies of the books. So for the next promo we do, we’ll definitely be making more use of the email list. And we’ll definitely be using it for the launch of Book 3! 

With a bigger budget, I would have liked to have tested some more audiences on BookBub Ads; as it stands, I tested 17 different comp authors, plus 1 aggregate audience made up of 12 different authors.

Wrapping Up...

I really hope you’ve enjoyed following this KCD promo with me and you’ve picked up a few tips and tricks and ideas you can test for your own promos. 

And that is one of the key things I want you to take away from all of this...test. What worked for me may not work for you. It might just need a little tweaking to suit your books and your readers.

A big part of what we do as authors and as marketers is testing; whether it’s blurbs, covers or Facebook Ads! The only we improve is by testing, changing and adapting. If we stand still, we are in fact, moving backwards. So always be moving forwards. 

I wish you the best of luck with your next KCD promo and book sales. 

Thank you so much for sticking with me through all of this. 

And until next time…