Less Spend, More Sales

17th July 2022


Welcome to the first ever edition of The Morning ACOS For Authors (The Morning ACOS for short!) This is exciting!

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Let's dive in...

Less Spend, More Sales...

Back in May of this year, I took over an Amazon Ads Account from a client where they were consistently losing a lot of money on their Ads because they just didn't have their targeting or optimization dialed in.

I've highlighted in the screenshot below when I took over on the Account.

As you can see, the spend decreased but the number of orders increased. And that was just in the first 12 days of managing this account. The Blended ACOS (which includes both Sales & KENP Royalties) in May was 426%.


We had a big launch in June where we spent just over $15,600, generated more than 3x the Orders and 4x the Page Reads compared to what we did in May.


Even with this huge increase in spend from the previous month, I bought the Blended ACOS down from 426% in May to 235% in June.

Now, you may think that the numbers in the above screenshot for June 2022 look horrid! And you'd be partly right; they do look horrid!


What you have to remember though is that this client has an 11 book series (as well as multiple other series), Book 1 is permanently priced at 99¢, for part of June, Book 1 was actually free, and the new book, Book 11, was also at 99¢ for a few days in June.


The results of all of this...

  • Book 1 moved into the Top 700 of the Kindle Store
  • Book 11 moved into the Top 60 of the Kindle Store (even at full price)
  • All the books in the series moved into the Top 2,000 of the Kindle Store
  • And my client had an incredibly successful launch bringing more readers into the series, saw an increase in sales of other series of theirs, and earned a huge amount more than they spent on the Amazon Ads in June (into the tens of thousands of dollars)

All this to show, you must ALWAYS look at the big picture. Never look at Amazon Ads inside of a vacuum. Look at the impact they are having on your overall stats (i.e., Total Orders, Total Page Reads, Total Royalties, Bestseller Rank, Email Subscribers, etc.)

More spend, more sales, more readers.

To Your Success
- Matt

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