Lesson Learnt

26th July 2022


I hope this email finds you well. Now, this email isn't strictly related to Amazon Ads, but there's still a good lesson to be learnt here.


Today, was supposed to be the official launch day of my wife's new book The Last Kamaali, book 4 of her series, which it still is, but things didn't quite go according to plan.


We had 2,497 pre-orders of this book, but yesterday morning we received an email that brought me out in a cold sweat:


Pre-Order Cancelled


I uploaded the manuscript about 18 hours before the pre-order deadline, but when I spoke to Amazon yesterday, they said that they hadn't had time to review it and therefore, we lost all those pre-orders.


I then had to create a new version of the book, with a brand new ASIN and Amazon have said they will email everyone who pre-ordered the book with a link to purchase it again from the new ASIN.


Funnily enough, the new version of the book I created yesterday was reviewed and published within 3 hours. The pre-order manuscript wasn't even reviewed within 72 hours, which makes me think it slipped through the net.


Fortunately, the 25 promo sites I've booked for the launch are advertising Book 1 of the series, as we are a running a Kindle Countdown Deal on Books 1-3.


So, it hasn't affected things too much, and hopefully a good percentage of those 2,497 people who pre-ordered the new book will order it again - I'll be chasing Amazon up today to make sure they do as they promised and email everyone who did pre-order it.


Anyway, the moral of the story... always be prepared for the unexpected, have a Plan B and don't leave things to the last minute - or have a baby the same day as your book needs to be uploaded to Amazon, as we did!


To Your Success
- Matt

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