Low impressions on your Amazon Ads? Do this...

21st July 2022


Happy Thursday! It's a beautiful, slightly breezy morning here in the UK today, with another day of warm (but not too warm) weather on the way.

The heat in the UK earlier this week certainly made an impression, being the BIG talking point in the media - it's a favorite past time of Brits, discussing the weather!

Anyway, speaking of impressions (see what I did there)...

If your Amazon Ads are receiving very few impressions, there's one very simple thing you can do to get those impressions rolling in... check your Bidding Strategy, which will be one of the following:

  • Dynamic Bids – Down Only
  • Dynamic Bids – Up and Down
  • Fixed Bids

Both of the Dynamic Bids options will reduce your bid if Amazon deems it unlikely that a click is going to convert into a sale [Page Reads/Borrows don't currently factor into the Dynamic Bids algorithms].

To combat this and gain back full control of your bids, use Fixed Bids, which will force Amazon to take your full bid into account and prevent them from fiddling with it.

In my experience, using Fixed Bids will increase your impressions (providing you are targeting relevant keywords/ASINs), but it will also spend more, so keep an eye on how much these Fixed Bids Campaigns are spending - and what they're spending it on.

You may want to reduce your bids if things are get a little wild. On top of this, closely monitor the Search Terms for any Campaigns that are:

  • Using Broad Match or Phrase Match Keywords
  • Automatic Targeting
  • Category Targeting

And negate any irrelevant search terms or ASINs as soon as possible to reduce your wasted Ad Spend. 

Also look out for search terms and ASINs that are generating a lot of impressions, but very few clicks (resulting in a low CTR of below 0.10%) or are receiving lots of clicks, but not capturing any orders or page reads for you. And negate those as well.

So, to wrap up... if you're struggling to generate impressions on any campaigns, change your bidding strategy to Fixed Bids if you're not already using it and keep a close eye on what your money is being spent on within these campaigns.

To Your Success
- Matt

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