$5,251.03 in sales from one keyword

23rd July 2022


So, yesterday didn't quite go according to plan at the hospital; the baby wasn't born because the operations in the morning overran and we didn't leave the hospital until after 8pm - without a baby.


We are booked in again today, so fingers crossed it all goes ahead this time.


Anyway, before we make the drive over to the hospital once again, I wanted to share something pretty staggering with you...


Using one single keyword inside of an Amazon Ads campaign doesn't sound like much of a strategy! I thought the same... until I tested it out.


As you can see from the screenshot below, this one single keyword I'm using in this campaign has generated over $5,000 in sales with just $394 in spend. Granted, this is a campaign advertising a paperback book, but the numbers don't lie; 399 orders of this book were the direct result of one single keyword. 

To find these single keywords you can breakout into their own campaigns takes some testing (there are of course some outliers, but in the main you'll need to run some Automatic Targeting and Keyword Targeting Campaigns to find them).


Once you do find them, here's the steps I take to scale them up:

Step #1: Create a new sponsored products campaign advertising Book 1 of your series (or a standalone book).

Step #2: Target this ONE keyword using the Exact Match Type.

Step #3: Bid high on this keyword - give it a bid that is higher than the CPC you were paying in the original campaign you discovered it in.

Step #4: Use the Fixed Bids bidding strategy to begin with (if you're more risk averse, start with Dynamic Bids Down Only).

Step #5: Use a budget of at least $20-$30 per day.

Step #6: Launch your campaign and optimize accordingly over time.

You can run through this process with as many keywords as you like; just make sure you're only picking out the absolutely best keywords, however, otherwise, you're going to seriously clutter up your Amazon Ads account.


To Your Success
- Matt

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