You called it what? (naming conventions)

24th July 2022


After my email yesterday morning about Lori's planned C-Section not going ahead on Friday, I'm thrilled to announce that at 9.49am UK time on Saturday 23rd July, Jonathan James Holmes was born, coming in at a healthy weight of 8lb 3oz (3.7KG).

Jonathan James Holmes

Mum and baby are both doing well; JJ (as we're calling him for short) was put on antibiotics overnight last night and has had his bloods taken, as he was grunting a little, so the midwives thought it was better to be safe than sorry.

We're not yet sure when JJ and Lori will be home yet, as the midwives want to keep monitoring them for a little while longer. So will keep you posted :) 

In the meantime, let's move onto today's Amazon Ads topic...

Naming Conventions

Something as simple and mundane as naming conventions may sound incredibly dull for a Sunday morning, but hear me out...

Without a clear naming system in your Amazon Ads Account, managing your Ads is going to become such a chore and time-suck because you don't know what each Campaign is doing for you, that you won't want to even login to your account!

With a clear naming convention system in place, with one glance at a Campaign in your dashboard, you'll immediately be able to see details such as:

  • Which book(s) is being advertised
  • What targeting is being used (e.g. Auto, Keywords, ASINs, etc.)
  • Which stage of the 'funnel' this Campaign is operating at (e.g. research, brand defense, etc.)
  • And any other details you feel are important to you when managing your Ads

So, what does a good naming convention look like? Here's how I like to name Amazon Ads Campaigns, but feel free to develop your own:


In context, here's how it could look:

RESEARCH | The Forbidden | Keywords - Authors [PHRASE]

This Campaign would be:

  • A Research Campaign (looking for search terms that I can scale up)
  • Advertising the book called 'The Forbidden'
  • Targeting Author Names as Phrase Match Keywords

With one quick glance, I can immediately see how this Campaign is performing in the Amazon Ads Dashboard and make decisions based on that data. 

Here's an example of what I would consider a bad naming convention:


To my eyes, this is a horrible naming convention and you are going to have to dive into the campaign, then the Ad Group, then the Targeting, just to figure out what this Campaign is actually doing for you!

All this could be solved by creating a solid naming convention. 

Keep things simple and reduce the number of clicks you need to perform when managing your Amazon Ads; that will only make the management of your Ads that much easier.

So, naming conventions may sound incredibly superficial, especially when there's so many other intricacies that go into Amazon Ads.

However, a solid naming convention system is a fundamental building block of managing Amazon Ads and making sure you are using your time in your account most efficiently and effectively. 

To Your Success
- Matt

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