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Hi, I'm Matt...

I help authors bring their work into the world through creative and profitable advertising strategies to help them sell more books.

My overarching goal is to help authors like you position your books in front of readers who devour every word and become lifelong, loyal fans of your work. 

Primarily, this is through advertising on the BIG 3 ad platforms for authors, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads and BookBub Ads. However, in order for your ads to be successful and ultimately, profitable, you need a solid foundation in place.

This is why I help to plan out your strategy first, define what success looks like for you, build a rock-solid foundation to your author career and then, we move onto running the ads. 

You can also check out my FREE 3-part video series, Jumpstart Author Ads, which will help you to build and launch your first ads on the BIG 3 advertising platforms for authors, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads and BookBub Ads. 

Thanks for dropping by; I look forward to helping you succeed with your author career.


Fancy A Read? Here's what you'll learn inside...

The 7 Day Authors Guide To Book Advertising

Why mindset is so critical when advertising your books and how you can develop a mindset of steel that never falters.

How to build a solid foundation to your author career, before you start running any ads to your books.

The fundamentals of setting up, running, optimising and scaling ads on the Big Three platforms, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads and BookBub Ads.

Tracking your ads; the why, the what and the how, along with my personal tracking templates, that I use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Your One-Page Advertising Strategy template that ties everything together into a cohesive, personalised roadmap for your author career

And much, much more...

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