A Keyword Targeting Blueprint [Part 2]

28th July 2022


Yesterday, I shared with you Part 1 of your keyword targeting blueprint.


Today, we're moving onto Part 2 and continuing in the same vein with another keyword targeting campaign that should start driving some real results for your Amazon Ads.


Ready? Let's go...


Keyword Targeting Campaign #2: Search Term* Targeting

*By "search terms", I mean words that readers use to find a particular type of book, such as 'crime thriller books' or 'historical fantasy novels'. They aren't looking a specific book or author.


Step 1: Decide on your ONE or TWO seed keywords (these are the words that you feel most accurately represent your book)


Step 2: Using your seed keyword(s), find 10-15 highly relevant search terms using Amazon's auto-suggest feature in the search bar or a tool such as Publisher Rocket [affiliate link].


TOP TIP: If you're using a tool such as Publisher Rocket, choose search terms that have at least 500 searches per month to make sure you're targeting search terms that enough search volume to gain traction.


Step 3: Setup a new campaign advertising Book 1 of your series (or a standalone book) and target these 10-15 search terms using the Broad Match Type


Step 4: Set your bid for each search term you're targeting to around $0.50 (use 'odd' numbers such as $0.51 or $0.53 for best results)


Step 5: Choose your bidding strategy: Fixed Bids if you're less risk averse, Dynamic Bids Down Only if you're more risk averse.


Step 6: Set your budget to $10-$20 per day and launch your campaign


Step 7: Let the campaign run for at least 2 weeks, then optimize accordingly.


Step 8: Repeat steps 3-7 (using the same keywords), but this time, target them using the Exact Match Type.


Tomorrow, I'll be back with a blueprint for setting up ASIN targeting campaigns.


To Your Success
- Matt

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