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#1: Finding Profitable Facebook Ads Audiences


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and have managed to switch off from writing (and work mode) for a while and enjoy some time with your family and friends.

If I didn't have a wife and twin boys (who are just over a year old now, so quite a handful to say the least; the boys, not my wife!), I'd be working 24/7, with a 45 minute workout thrown in there somewhere too.

But, over the past 12 months or so, (since the boys have arrived really), I've had to slow down and switch off from work and take time out to spend with my family.

And you know what? When I am working, I'm more productive, I'm more passionate and the work I produce is more valuable and higher quality.

We do what we do so that we can create an amazing life for our family and ourselves, which is why it's so important to step away from the desk (or wherever you write) and do the things you love to do. Otherwise, what's the point, right?

So, if you're like me, and could be working 24/7, challenge yourself to switch off from work mode, and come back to writing, marketing and all the other author tasks, with a fresh, clear mind that is ready to take action and knock it out of the park. You got this. Pep talk over; let's move into the first edition, the first issue, of Author Ads Insider...

How To Find Profitable Audiences For Your Facebook Ads

The OLD Way...

With the recent retirement of Facebook's audience research tool, Audience Insights, on 1st July 2021, authors need to find relevant audiences for their Facebook Ads in other ways.

If you've never heard of Facebook Audience Insights, you haven't really lost anything!

Essentially, it was a tool that Facebook offered to its advertisers for free to help them discover insights (hence the name) into their audience ideas to see if they would be a good fit for the product they were advertising. (see screenshot below of the Facebook Audience Insights dashboard).

The NEW Way...

Although we no longer have access to Audience Insights, there are still other avenues we can explore to find profitable audiences for our Ads;

One such alternative is Business Suite Insights; however, this tool isn't available to all advertisers just yet as Facebook transitions away from Audience Insights.

So today, I'm going to cover a solution that works for everyone..

This solution does require a little more testing to find the nuances of these audiences (something that Audience Insights would have given us)

But the data you generate with this solution I'm going to walk you through this week provides far better results.

Personally, I only used Audience Insights once in a blue moon; it was a great tool for beginners, but the data was too generic, in my opinion.

I prefer gathering data and reviewing the data based on the Ads that I am running, rather than data based on every single person who has an active account on Facebook!

For example, if we wanted to test an audience of people who were interested in Stephen King, we could have hopped on over to Audience Insights, looked up Stephen King and seen the demographics of people who had an interest in Stephen King (e.g. ages, genders, etc.)

We could have then used that data to narrow our targeting when setting up our Facebook Ads. If Audience Insights told us that 88% of people who had an interest in Stephen King were Female, aged between 45-65+, we could have used this criteria in our Ad Set Settings when building our Facebook Ads.

However, although, on the surface, this sounds like a plausible approach to take, I preferred to tackle things a little differently and generate data that was more meaningful and relevant to my specific Ads.

If I wanted to target people interested in Stephen King, I would simply choose Stephen King in the Detailed Targeting section when setting up my Facebook Ad and leave the Age and Gender settings as default (18-65+. Both; Male and Female).

I would then run that Ad Set for 7 days, review the demographic data and adjust the targeting accordingly, based on that data.

This way, I know that the data I'm working with is for my specific Ads, NOT aggregated data collected from the entire population of Facebook.

Another great feature of Audience Insights was discovering related interests.

For example, taking our Stephen King example; if we wanted to test another audience and target people who had an interest in a topic/author similar to Stephen King, we could very easily have achieved this in Audience Insights.

There is another way though...

And that's exactly what I'm going to share with you in this weeks issue of Author Ads Insider. Enjoy...

As always, if you have any questions about today's video, please hit reply on this email and ask away; that's what I'm here for; to help you succeed with Ads and help you to sell more copies of your books.

Have an amazing rest of your weekend and I look forward to serving you again next Sunday.

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