Choose your budget

31st July 2022


Over the past few days, I've shared some blueprints that you can follow along with and launch your first manual targeting campaigns with Amazon Ads.

When it comes to budgeting though, it can be tricky landing on a monetary figure of how much to spend on Amazon Ads each month. $100? $500? $1,000? $5,000?

If you're already making a substantial amount of royalties from other advertising efforts, such as Facebook Ads, and you have some capital to play with, then I would recommend budgeting $500 - $1,000 per month for your Amazon Ads, to begin with.

If you're brand new to this world of publishing and advertising, however, then you are understandably going to be more conservative.

If this is you, my recommendation would be to budget $300 - $500 per month for your Amazon Ads, which breaks down to around $10 per day on the low end and $15 per day on the high end.

I completely empathize with you if you're not making $10-$15 per day in Royalties just yet. However, Amazon is now a pay-to-play platform and you need to speculate to accumulate.

Spending $10 per day on Amazon Ads will allow you to:

  • Collect data
  • Learn the platform
  • Gain confidence running your own Ads
  • Generate Sales and Page Reads
  • Discover what is and isn't working with your Amazon Ads
  • Build a foundation that you can scale up when you you're in a position to do so
  • And much, much more

The question then becomes:

What campaigns do I need to setup if I'm spending $10 per day?

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's edition of The Morning ACOS and all will be revealed :)

Surprisingly, you can achieve a lot of success spending $10 per day on Amazon Ads, providing you have all the pieces in place.

Until tomorrow then...

To Your Success
- Matt

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