Is your book "meh"?

20th July 2022


Happy Wednesday! Thankfully, it's cooled down a little here in the UK; so a bit more bearable for us Brits to deal with!

Now, the subject line of this email may come across a little strong, but I mean absolutely no offence when I say is your book "meh"; it comes from a place of support and wanting you to succeed with Amazon Ads.

If you're generating plenty of RELEVANT clicks on your Ads, but are seeing little to no conversions, there's something that isn't quite gelling with those readers that are clicking on your Ads when they land on your book product page.


Ultimately, Amazon Ads are purely there to drive traffic, relevant traffic, yes, but at the end of the day, they are just a means of positioning your books in front of the right readers.


Amazon Ads don't sell your book; your book sells your book.

Or, more specifically, the various assets on your book product page sells your book.

Ultimately, no amount of advertising is going to sell a poor-quality book.

You may be wondering which assets on your product page I’m talking about. Here they are, in order of importance, based on my experience:

  • Book cover (as this forms part of the ad and drives people to your book)
  • Blurb/book description
  • Reviews (number of reviews and overall rating – forms part of the ad)
  • Look-inside
  • Title and subtitle (this forms part of the ad too)
  • Price (again, this forms part of the ad)

It goes without saying that you also need to write an outstanding book that appeals to your ideal readers, hits the genre tropes if you’re writing to market (fiction) or solves a specific problem (if you write non-fiction).

As you can see, there are a few different areas we, as authors, have control over on our product page.

Yes, you could send truckloads of traffic to your book product page, but the chances of you generating any sales or page reads if you don't have these core fundamentals of a great product page in place, are, unfortunately, slim to none.

All this to say, chances are, if you know you're driving relevant traffic with Amazon Ads and you're not seeing the conversions, look at your book product page first. 

Once you improve the conversion rate, the performance of your Amazon Ads will only go one direction... up.

To Your Success
- Matt

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