Kindle Countdown Case Study: Day 3

Day 3 Stats 

Book #1 Sales: 78
Book #2 Sales:
Book #3 Sales:
Paperback Sales:

Total Sales:

Page Reads:

Rank USA:
Rank UK:


Facebook Ad Spend:
BookBub Ad Spend:
£14.00 (approx)
Amazon Ads Spend:
£6.00 (approx)
Promo Sites Spend:

Total Ad Spend: £92.00 (approx)

Profit: £39.00 (approx)

Another Series Page Update

Unfortunately, the series page on Amazon still isn’t working properly and the companion novel to Book 2 hasn’t appeared, so I’ll just make the most of the tools I have available to me; in this case, sending traffic to the series page with Books 1 and 2 on. 

I don’t like adding new ads to a well-performing ad set on Facebook as it causes the ad set to re-enter the learning phase and performance will suffer until the ad set has finished learning (which is typically after 50 clicks). 

But seeing as the series page hasn’t populated with the companion novel to Book 2, I decided to test some ads to cold audiences that went to the series page. So I added these new ads into the ad sets with an ad image of the 2 books and ad copy to the effect of “2 Books For $0.99 each”. 

I already have a retargeting ad with the same image of the 2 books 9 (see next section - Starting to Scale The Facebook Ads) and sending people to the series page; the difference with the retargeting ad, however, is that it uses different ad copy in the Primary Text section. 

So it will be interesting to see how these ads to the new cold audiences perform over the coming days.

Starting To Scale The Facebook Ads

First thing in the morning I gradually increased the budgets of the Facebook Ads Campaigns, by around 20% again. I don’t want to increase the budget too rapidly; this can have 2 negative side effects:

  • You run out of budget too soon, before the big push on the final 2 days
  • You spike sales and borrows on Amazon and then run out of budget to sustain it through to the end of the KCD

As I’m running CBO (Campaign Budget Optimisation) campaigns, I could safely increase the budget more than 20%; I could go up 100% and it would probably be ok, but as I’ve just mentioned, I don’t want to scale too fast too soon, for the aforementioned reasons.

If I was using ABO (Ad Set Budget Optimisation), where you control the budget of each ad set, then you definitely don’t want to increase your budget on each ad set by more than 20%, as this will most likely cause your ad sets to re-enter the learning phase and you’ll lose any momentum you had built up.

I added another 2 audiences into the USA Campaigns; these were audiences that I’d run ads to before when Book 1 was at full price ($2.99) that had performed well, so will be interesting to see how they perform with Book 1 now at $0.99 with a scarcity factor (ending in 4 days from now).

With the Amazon Associates links, I can see that the Facebook Ads sold the following today:

USA Book Sales
Book 1: 20
Book 2: 12
Book 3: 1

UK Book Sales
Book 1: 21
Book 2: 9
Book 3: 1

The retargeting ads that are going to the series page with Books 1 and 2 on are actually doing better than I expected, so I’ll definitely be scaling that campaign up over the next few days; perhaps just by £1-£2 a day, until the final 2 days, where I’ll add another £5-10 to the campaign daily budget.

Here's a reminder of what the ad creative looked like for the retargeting ad:

As you can see, I used exactly the same creative for the UK retargeting ad, I just edited the price into GBP and changed the date format to suit the UK audience. 

Amazon Ads

The Amazon Ads spent a bit more yesterday (about double what they did the day before), but only 1 sale reported from the UK Amazon Ads - it can take 2-3 days for sales to appear here though, so there could potentially be a few sales show up over the next day or so.

And no page reads yet to speak of from the Amazon Ads, but again, these could be attributed to the Amazon Ads as the dashboard catches up.

I didn’t make any changes to the existing Amazon Ads today; just decided to leave them be and let them do their thing for now.

The only thing I did do today was create a lockscreen ad. This could prove completely fruitless! I put in a low bid, so it may not even get any impressions.

With lockscreen ads, it can take upto 5 days for it to actually start serving, so I’m not too worried about it not working yet.

If it hasn’t had any by the end of the day tomorrow, I’ll increase the bid slightly to see if I can get it to start showing in time for the big push on the final 2 days of the KCD.

BookBub Ads

We had some success with BookBub Ads today in that I found a creative that generated a CTR of 5.98% and a CPC of $0.20! 

Compared to the other tests I’ve done which have mainly been less than 2% CTR, some less than 1% CTR, and CPC’s of between $1-$3, I’m pretty chuffed with today's result!

So tomorrow, I’ll set up some new ads testing this new creative and see if I can find some new audiences I can use for the final 2 day big push.


Despite sales and page reads being lower today than they were yesterday, the ranking of Book 1 has actually stayed pretty consistent, if not improved, in both the USA and the UK.

When you see this happen, this usually means that you have had some KU borrows, because a borrow is equivalent to a sale.

So people have added your book to their kindle library and you should start seeing page reads coming in over the next few days and weeks as they start reading. 

Plan For Day 4

As we get closer to the big push, I’m going to start scaling things up even more tomorrow. I’ve got a couple more audiences I want to test on Facebook and a list of around 15 audiences to test on BookBub.

With Facebook Ads, you don’t want to be testing audiences and ads on the final 2 days of your promo. You need to have found your winning audiences and ads in the previous 5 days.

Then on the final 2 days, all you’re doing is watching performance, making very minor adjustments, if any, and increasing your daily budgets. If you make any significant changes to your ads or ad sets, they will re-enter the learning phase and you’ll lose momentum.

With BookBub Ads, you can definitely still test audiences on the final 2 days of the promo, but ideally, you need to have found some winning audiences already that you can ramp the budget up on.

With the audiences you’re testing on the final 2 days of the promo, use the creative that you have found to perform the best over the past 5 days. Try not to be testing new creative on these last 2 days if you can, as you want to be scaling up what works.

If you’ve ran out of time to test all the audiences that you planned to during the KCD with BookBub Ads, use the final 2 days to test new audiences that you can use for future promos if they perform well.

So that wraps up Day 3’s results. And tomorrow, I’ll be back to update you on how Day 4 performed!